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It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re trying to sell, or how long you’ve been trying to make an online income… 

If you can’t get traffic then you simply can NOT make any money…

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘TRAFFIC IS KING’.

And the reason that phrase is so commonly used is because traffic is the single most important factor that contributes to the success of anyone making money online…
It doesn’t matter if you’re a...
  • Product Creator
  • Blogger or Vlogger
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Online Store Owner
  • CPA Marketer
  • Offline Biz Owner
There will be a direct correlation with the amount of traffic you generate and the amount of sales that you’re able to make…

And what’s really sad is that there are thousands of people who aren’t seeing the fruits of their labour… 

Simply because they don’t know where to start when it comes to traffic…
If It’s So EASY Why Aren’t YOU Turning
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Look it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re trying to sell online, or how long you’ve been trying to make an online income…

There’s a step-by-step system you MUST deploy in order to get results!

The biggest hurdle most beginners get stuck on is getting visitors or BUYERS as we like to call them…

You could have the best offer, the best website, the best affiliate product but if you Don't Have BUYERS then you simply won’t get sales.

And no sales means no money which means you stuck in your day job longer than you want.
It doesn’t matter if you’re…
Building a mailing list...
Selling a digital product
of your own...
Trying to make money as
an affiliate marketer...
Running a store with
physical products...
Or, you’re part of a network marketing program...
And So Much More...
If You Can’t Get Buyers, You’re
Just Wasting Your Time...
Hi there… Billy Darr here with David Kirby and Justin Opay and we’re excited you’re here!

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover a BRAND NEW software that will propel your online business further than anything else you’ve EVER tried before…
...before we show you this easy, buyer-getting software, we want to make it very clear that your struggles to make sales online are NOT your fault!
Most of the Gurus out there actually
Want You To Fail!
That’s because they know if you’re finally able to get buyers, you won’t need them anymore… and you would finally be able to STOP buying their training courses and software tools… 

We know this all too well because we’ve been right where you are now!
When the three of us started out, we didn’t have tons of cash to spend...

We worked our butts off and did everything WRONG… After a lot of spinning our wheels and wasting a lot of time and money… 

...we discovered a virtually untapped way to get UNLIMITED BUYERS to our own websites, landing pages, and affiliate offers FOR FREE…

To make it even easier to get all the free BUYERS we needed so we could scale our online income quickly and easily we created a simple software to automate the process!
With This Powerful Software, We’ve Been Able To Harness The Power Of Video To Get Sales
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And now YOU have the opportunity to get your hands on this simple, point-and-click software so you can get all the FREE buyers you need to make sales online TODAY!
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Affiliate Commissions...
Any CPA Offer For Quick
Cash In Your Pocket...
Any Opt-In Page So You Can Build Your Email List Fast...
Any Ecom Store For Quickly Selling Physical Products...
Your Freelance Profile If
You’re Selling Services...
Your Online Marketplaces Like Ebay, Amazon, Or Anywhere Else.
Your Social Media Page For Quickly Building Your Online Reputation As An Expert...
Your Blog So You Can Boost
Your Readers And Get More Exposure Right Away...
ANY Website You Want!...
Regardless of your situation
Video Crusher Can Get You BUYERS!
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Video Crusher Software
Revolutionary newbie-friendly software gets you unlimited, FREE BUYERS to any website or offer in
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‘Make Sales Online Today’
Video Training
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Want to take the free traffic you’re getting and make as much money as possible? We’ll show you EXACTLY how to start banking cash today... The included video training teaches you take the free traffic you’re getting and turn it into money in your pocket right away...
Agency Licence
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For the first few buyers, we’ve decided to include our agency licence (worth $497) absolutely free. This means you can use Video Crusher for UNLIMITED clients and charge them $497-$997 for just a few minutes of very simple work.
World Class
Customer Support
If you have a question or need help with anything, just let us know and our world class support team will help you out.
WARNING! The Price Automatically Rises Every 60 Minutes This Is A Real
Price Increase If You Come Back Later You Will Pay More, Act Now.
Getting Results Is Easy
All It Takes Is 2 Simple Steps!
Login To The Cloud Software and Tell The
Software Where You Want The Buyers Sent…
Step 2
Press GO! Then Sit Back While The Software
Gets You Unlimited Buyers In 45 Seconds Or Less...
Video Crusher Makes It Easy To Get FREE,
Buyers That Makes You Sales Fast!
Cloud-Based Software
Our software is hosted online, which means you never have to install anything. All you need is an internet connection and you can get traffic with Video Crusher from anywhere in the world. You can even use Video Crusher to get you traffic on your Android or iOS phone...
Beginner Friendly, Easy to Use Interface
This software is completely newbie-friendly and anyone can use this software to drive traffic and make money, regardless of their experience.
Profit Fast With The Power Of Video
(Without Having To Do Anything Complicated)

Video is bigger than ever and is currently THE BEST way to get quality, highly-engaged traffic that will quickly convert into money in your pocket. With Video Crusher, you can harness the power of video without you ever having to get in front of the camera, do any video editing, or anything complicated. Everything is completely automated… and when we say newbie-friendly, we mean it!
Never Pay A Dime For Traffic Again
Let’s face it, unless you have thousands of dollars to invest in paid traffic, you need to figure out how to get quality FREE traffic online if you want to make a solid daily income. When you purchase Video Crusher, you will never have to pay for traffic again...
(This is the fastest, easiest, most newbie-friendly method for getting tons of FREE BUYERS to any website or offer ever released)
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I’m delighted to say after checking out the software it’s pretty awesome.

I only wish I had something like this when I started out many years back it would have definitely made my life more easier and profitable
Video Crusher App is an amazing software that really makes it easy for beginners to make money online.

Once you access the web based software you can be up and running with a profitable business in literally seconds...
I’m totally blown away at the speed of how quickly a total novice can buy the app, click a few buttons and be ready to make money online.

The thing that I liked the most was it has built-in traffic this definitely gets 2 thumbs up from me.
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The normal price for Video Crusher is $47 per month, which is a steal when you look at just how much it costs to get BUYERS.

You can easily spend as much as thousands of dollars for high quality visitors, but with Video Crusher you’ll never have to spend your hard-earned money on getting exposure ever again. 

So for the reason it would be easy to justify paying many times the normal price of $47 per month… 

But when you get Video Crusher today, you won’t pay anywhere near that. 

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 $1K A Day Online Training
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Retail Value: $997
Free Buyer Traffic In Seconds App
We'll also throw in a copy our award winning traffic software.
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I'll also include yet another case study with live proof showing you how we make 10 - 100 sales daily.
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$60k In 60 Days Case Study
You're also getting direct access to Billy inside a private mastermind group.
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I'll also include a case study detailing how we were able to generate 100 sales in a single 24 hour period. 100 sales that generated us $1,100.34 in pure profit.
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We'll also throw in a copy our award winning videoe traffic software.
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Private Q & A CALL
You're Invited To A Live Q & A Session Where You Can Get Live Help & Support
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PLUS The R.O.I Bonus Included
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To demonstrate that we actually care about your hard earned money and want you to succeed fast I’m including my simple 5-minute strategy that you can put to work right away that will lets you recoup your investment or 10x it as quick as today…

This isn’t some gimmick we’ve personally tested this strategy to the tune of 5 figures…
Retail Value: $497
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Yes, I'm so confident that you’ll get results with this program that I’m not only willing to take all the risk but I'm also happy to put my money where my mouth is, how many times have you seen that before?

If you follow everything we teach inside the program and for some bizarre reason you don’t get results just open a support ticket and we’ll send you $500 and fully refund you. 

As well as that we’re also giving you the unconditional 365-day money back guarantee. Yes you read that right 365 freaking days, so if for whatever reason or no reason at all you want your money back just let us know and we’ll send you back every cent. 

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It’s an easy decision either get in now for less than the price of a family meal or say no and continue to be stuck in your day job…
See You On The Inside:
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Asked Questions
  • Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, You Have A Full 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. There Is Absolutely No Risk When You Get This Now. The Only Way You Lose Is If You Don’t Take Action On This Amazing Deal Right Now.
  • Are There Any Monthly Fees?
Right Now, No! We’ve Slashed The Price And Eliminated The Monthly Fee For A Limited Time. (But Hurry Because The Price Is Going Up Fast)
  • Is This Compatible On Both PC, Mac, Android And Ios?
Yes, You Can Use This On Any Device.
  • Do I Need Any Special Skills Or Experience?
No Special Skills Or Experience Are Needed To Get BUYERS For FREE And Make Sales Online Today.
  • Is Training Included?
Absolutely. When You Get This Now, You’ll Get Our Step-By-Step Video Training That Makes It Easy To Get Sales Right Away With This Incredible New Software
  • How Do I Lock-In My Discount?
Just Click The Button Below For Instant Access To Video Crusher Discount...
WARNING! The Price Automatically Rises Every 60 Minutes This Is A Real
Price Increase If You Come Back Later You Will Pay More, Act Now.
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*You Get Paid 0.50 Cents For Every Lead You Send...
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